Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Goodbye LA

I had a dream last night that was horrible. In it I was traveling by foot across he country and I had made it to an San Francisco. When I got there the city was in ruins, people trying to pick-up the pieces of a shattered life. I passed someone along the way and asked how I could get to LA from here. They said 'Los Angeles is no more. It was the epicenter for the earthquake. Its completely destroyed, little to no survivors. Everyone along the West Coast felt it, some cities were only minorly affected while others, like LA, were completely destroyed. It happened around 3AM while everyone was asleep. That's why there are so many dead.'

I didn't want to believe it myself so I traveled there, and like the man had said to me, LA was no longer there. I saw a person here or there trying to remove things or people from the wreckage but it was only futile. I then heard and saw military choppers, or what I assumed were military, zoom past me and collected people one by one to take them to 'safe zones'. That's when I heard a voice tell me, 'This is only the beginning, it will get worse from here'. And that's where my dream ended.

If anyone on the West Coast is reading this, I urge you to please keep yourselves as safe as possible. I can't stop what may happen but I can hopefully try to soften the blow if t does happen.

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