Monday, January 11, 2010

The First Signs

As I've stated previously I've decided to record my dreams and daily musings. This first dream I will write about happened some time ago. It was the first in a series of dreams that would come and eventually cause me many sleepless nights. So without further delay here's the first dream I will share with the world.

It started with screams. I could hear them even as I type this. Panicked screams, people calling out names of loved ones, and the feeling of fright and being rushed. My vision was just as confusing. It felt like I was tumbling and I couldn't get my balance at first. Then I hit the ground hard. I could feel the dirt grinding into my palms and I could see feet rushing past me. I put my hand out to pull myself up and I felt what I though was a chain link fence. I was outside, I could feel the heat of the sun and the dryness of the air.

Finally my vision cleared and I pulled myself up, I could see what I was touching was not just some ordinary chain link fence, but a cage of some sort. People were being pushed and lead into different directions in front of me, I was also being trampled. I pulled myself up and was pressed against this cage. People were tarting to panicked more and I could hear orders being shouted from somewhere.

I then looked across the way and saw several other cages. I could see people being pulled out of them and being shoved in one direction or another. I saw 2 of my friends in another cage and screamed for them. They saw me but before they could say anything they were pulled from the cage and shoved in the opposite direction.

I was pushed to the ground again and started getting trampled again. I screamed, I could feel feet kicking and stepping on me, but no one could hear me over the sounds of panic. Suddenly a hand grabbed my arm and pulled me up. I looked and saw it was my friend who I will refer to from here on out as 'J'. He said to stay with him and his grip on my arm was so tight that when I awoke later I was bruised there.

Finally it was our turn at the front. The man, dressed in a white uniform with a red cap looked at me nd said 'Sector C' and looked at my friend J and said 'Sector B', but J wouldn't let me go and dragged me along with him. The man in the red cap didn't seem to care and continued shoving people into different directions. My friend continued to hold on to me and as e were all being escorted to our proper sectors I saw a sign. It read 'Welcome to the Federal Emergency Management Agency Sector B, "Camp Hope"'. J turned to me as we were going inside and said 'You were right, you were right all along'.

And that's when I awoke.

The dreams to follow would be in the same patterns. But those are for a later time. For now I will leave you with this first one.


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